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We are proud and honored to announce that Royal Orée Hockey has started using the JOHAN Sports GPS system as well as the Wellness App for their Men’s team. This makes them the first top tier Belgium hockey club to start using the JOHAN Sports system. Since 2012 Royal Oreé hockey has been playing in the highest league of hockey in Belgium, which is the second-best hockey league in the world – Behind the Dutch of course! Men’s Belgium hockey is growing in success and they have recently shown the world what they are capable of at the World cup of which they won in 2018!

The Mens team started Using the JOHAN Sports system last week during their pre-season training sessions. After the initial implementation with our knowledgable sports scientists, assistant coach Cristóbal Rodriguez and physical coach Yannick Gouverneur, were both very excited to see the men start the training session in their new JOHAN GPS Technology. During the training session, the men played small-sided games where they were soon after able to download all the data onto the web platform and start their analysis. They were surprised to see that the actual load of a few players were, in fact, a lot higher than they initially thought.

On the 15th of September Royal Oreé Hockey Mens will play Leopold on their first game of the season. We will be working closely with the team in the next few days to make sure they have all the tools necessary to make the most out of the JOHAN GPS system.

Good luck Royal Orée Hockey club with the upcoming season!

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