Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have specific questions about JOHAN Sports or our GPS Tracking system? Below you find the FAQ about GPS Tracking for sports teams in general and more specific information about the company JOHAN Sports.

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About our product
  • What does the JOHAN GPS Tracker measure?

    The pod includes a state of the art GPS sensor, which measures the speed and position of the person ten times every second, giving ultra accurate positional and speed measurements. The pod also contains inertial sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer which measure the detailed movement and impacts of a person up to 400 times every second.

  • Is the JOHAN GPS Tracker waterproof?

    Yes, the JOHAN GPS Trackers are waterproof and can be worn during rainy training sessions without any problem. However, we advise teams not to put the JOHAN GPS Trackers in the washing machine alongside the JOHAN vests

  • What's the GPS frequency of the JOHAN GPS Tracker

    The JOHAN GPS Tracker has a GPS frequency up to 10hz

  • Does the JOHAN RPE app work on Android phones?

    Yes, the JOHAN RPE app works on Android phones.

  • Can I also use the JOHAN RPE app without the JOHAN GPS Tracking System?

    The JOHAN RPE app can be used separately from the JOHAN GPS Tracking System! Simply send an email to and request the option. We will send you a detailed overview of the costs for using only the JOHAN RPE app.

  • Is the Johan Sports GPS more accurate than my GPS sports watch?

    The sensor of JOHAN Sports contains state of the art GPS technology and calculates up to 10 measurements per second. Therefore it's more accurate than a GPS sports watch that normally calculates up to 1 measurement per 5 seconds. A GPS sports watch is also located on the wrist and therefore calculates more accelerations during running and therefore less accurate.

  • How accurate is the JOHAN GPS sensor?

    The JOHAN GPS sensor contains state of the art GPS technology and calculates up to 10 measurements per second. The accuracy has been tested with the golden standard of LPS

  • Is Johan Sports accessible via a desktop or an iPad?

    The JOHAN Sports analysis platform is accessible via a desktop, iPad and mobile phone.

  • Does JOHAN Sports measure heart rate?

    It's possible to connect an HR sensor to the JOHAN GPS sensor via Bluetooth. With our HR integrated vests you can click the HR sensor directly on the vest instead of using a separate HR belt.

General questions
  • Can JOHAN Sports help me improve my game?

    The JOHAN Sports system provides insights in performances over time and can improve your team's fitness during the season.

  • Which sports can I use JOHAN Sports for?

    JOHAN Sports focusses on Football teams, Hockey teams and Rugby teams, but can be used for all outside sports!

  • Is there a subscripton fee to use JOHAN Sports?

    Yes, you can choose between 3 subscription fees to make use of the JOHAN analysis platform. 1. Bronze (for teams starting with GPS tracking). 2. Silver (for teams who have experience with GPS Tracking). 3. Gold (for teams with

  • How can I purchase a JOHAN Sports system?

    Get in touch by sending us an email or call us on +31 6 47335589 to get a quote for your team!

  • Am I allowed to use JOHAN Sports in matches?

    Yes, it's approved by the FIFA to use GPS sensors during matches.

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