Gil Vicente FC starts training with JOHAN GPS vest


Last week Gil Vicente FC started the pre-season with the new JOHAN Sports GPS vest. This will be a big step forward for Gil Vicente FC in order to create a high performance culture within the organization. During the upcoming season in Portugal, the sports science department of JOHAN Sports will guide the staff with advice & insights.

Pre-season training

During the pre-season, the staff will monitor the fitness and training load of the team with the GPS tracking system in order to get the team as fit as possible for the upcoming season. The JOHAN GPS sensor monitors all movements of the player (distance, speed, accelerations, decelerations, sprints etc) and will help the staff mapping out the ideal training schedule. With this information it’s easy to create the ideal periodization schedule on an individual level. In this way the team get’s optimally prepared for the start of the competition.

Before the competition starts, Gil Vicente will play a couple of matches against CD Cerveira, Boavista, CD Chaves, Moreirense and Aves. The first official match of the season will be played against FC Porto on the 11th of August. Good luck!

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