JOHAN Sports LIVE GPS Tracking App

Monitoring realtime GPS & Heart Rate

Select the parameters you want to monitor live (distance zones, speed, heart rate (zones), hi-intensity sprints, accelerations, decelerations, etc) and start your session. Compare players within the live session to see if they’ve reached their training goals.


Long-range Bluetooth 5

The JOHAN V5 suitcase is integrated with a smart hub. This smart hub is connected with the JOHAN Live Tracking app via the new Bluetooth 5 and has a range of up to 400(!) meters. With the new Bluetooth 5, you will have a strong and accurate connection without losing the signal.


Live GPS & Heart Rate

1. Select your parameters

Live GPS & Heart Rate data on your phone or tablet. Simply add the parameters you want to monitor live during your training session.


2. Working on any device

The JOHAN Live App is accessible on any device (tablet or phone, Andriod or IOS) via the new Bluetooth 5 connection.


3. Upload to JOHAN Analysis platform

Save time with the JOHAN Live App and directly upload your session to the JOHAN Analysis platform for detailed analysis.


How does it work?

Do you want to know how the JOHAN system works? Get in touch and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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