JOHAN Sports Analysis Platform

Training advice per player

The integrated training advice contains the latest innovations on sports science and translates GPS data of players into practical training advice specified for your team and for every player individually.

Monitor your team during conditional training sessions and matches to compare training load with match performance for improving the team fitness. Check if your training program reaches the benchmark you need.


Sports science service

At JOHAN we guide teams with in-house sports scientists and support clubs intensively. We provide a full introductory course on the GPS Tracking System and explain how the JOHAN analysis platform works. During the entire season, we advise clubs in close cooperation with the staff, so data scientists or specialists are not necessary.

JOHAN clients get the option to get an implementation on location. Contact our Sports Science department and ask for the options.

Analysis platform

1. Training advice

This module guides coaches and trainers to check the readiness of players for matches (A/C Ratio, Monotony and RPE variations). Based on their fitness profile you receive specific training suggestions and sports science advice to optimize your training schedule.


2. Heatmaps

Check if your players followed the pre-match instructions within the tactical heatmaps module. Provide feedback to players and help them to be prepared for the next match!


3. Benchmark

Benchmark your team within the league, specific positions or youth players with first squad players to know if they are ready to join the first team.


4. Reports

Export your match- or training data to excel, csv, pdf or xml. With user-friendly match- and training reports physical coaches can inform the head coach about the progress of the team and individual players.


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