Injury prevention

Injury Risk Detections

Coaches get insights about individual A/C ratio (Acute vs Chronic Ratio), Monotony (variations between training sessions) and wellbeing variations. This to reduce injuries and keep every player fit during the entire season!

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RPE Team performance app

Coaches can check the readiness of players before training sessions and matches. Get quick insights into recovery and exertion from every individual player on your mobile phone.

Before and after training sessions players fill in exertion & recovery forms with 5 questions about sleep, muscle soreness, fatigue, etc.

Injury Risk Detections

1. A/C Ratio

The JOHAN analysis platform creates automated A/C ratio's per player to monitor their weekly progress on important parameters


2. Monotony

Check if your training schedule contains enough variation within the monotony section. Try to make enough variation to improve the fitness and reduce the injuries


3. Wellbeing variations

With the JOHAN RPE app players fill in exertion, recovery and injury forms after training sessions and matches. Check their exertion, muscle soreness, fatigue, sleep, etc to get insights in their internal load


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