Kozakken Boys joins JOHAN Sports!


2nd Division amateur club Kozakken Boys started their pre-season with the JOHAN Sports GPS system. The club from Werkendam joined JOHAN Sports for a two-year deal and became the 7th club to use the JOHAN system in the 2nd division (highest amateur level in the Netherlands).

New coach Rick Adjei and performance coach Mathijs Resoort were very pleased with the steps that were taken through creating more awareness on performance optimization within the club.

Training cycle JOHAN

Training cycle JOHAN

Injury Risk Detections

With the automated injury risk detections within the JOHAN system, it becomes easy for coaches to check the fitness status of individual players. The readiness of players is now well monitored and doesn’t take a lot of time, which is crucial for amateur football teams. Most of the amateur football teams don’t have much time or the luxury to hire or add specialists to the staff.

Kozakken Boys joins JOHAN Sports GPS Tracking

Kozakken Boys joins JOHAN Sports GPS Tracking

Training Advice for Kozakken Boys

Alongside the individual player injury risk detections, the new player status module provides individual training advices based on sports science literature and our in-house specialists experiences. Translating the data into exercises (4vs4, 8vs8, sprinting exercises) makes it easier to understand how to optimize GPS information.

JOHAN Sports Supercompensation Advice module

JOHAN Sports Advice module


We wish Kozakken Boys good luck for the upcoming season!

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