New Live GPS monitoring with the JOHAN V5 GPS Tracking Technology


In the summer of 2020, JOHAN Sports will launch its new monitoring system. Not only will this system contain the most up-to-date technology, but extra functionalities are added to make it one of the most comprehensive monitoring systems available. To get to know all the new features of the monitoring system, we will discuss the (new) functionalities in the coming weeks. In this first part of the series, we will discuss one of these new features of the new JOHAN V5 GPS sports tracker: LIVE GPS monitoring!

Why LIVE GPS monitoring?

In most of our blogs, we have discussed methods on how to physically prepare players for the matches. Most of these methods support you in making decisions before or after an event: should a player push a little harder or take a little bit back? With the LIVE monitoring feature, you can now also make these decisions in real-time on the field! Imagine that you planned a sprint exercise for which you want players to reach at least 25km/h. During the exercise, you can see the instant speed of the players. This allows you to monitor whether they reach the intended speed.

Adjust your training session with realtime insights

Does a player not reach the limit? You are able to immediately notice this, and challenge him/her to push harder the next time. Therefore, the live monitoring feature supports you in improving the quality of your training sessions! Or suppose that a player is returning from an injury, you do not want to overload this player during a training session. The LIVE App will allow you to monitor numerous parameters (such as total distance, sprint distance, heart rate, accelerations, etc.) in real-time on the field. If you notice that the session is of a higher intensity than intended, you can immediately act upon this.

Sports GPS Tracker V5

V5 Sports GPS Tracker

How does the Live GPS monitoring app work?

Before the training starts, all players grab their JOHAN V5 Sensor out of the JOHAN Smart Suitcase. Because of the LED lights on the sensor, which display the sensor number, players can easily recognize their sensor. Once they have grabbed their tracker, they click the JOHAN V5 sensor on the JOHAN V5 belt or vest. With this click, the tracker will automatically start measuring. Since the tracker automatically starts measuring, there are no buttons on the sensor anymore. This also means you’ll never have to argue with a player about whether they put the tracker on or not!

Live Tracking App

Live Tracking App


Step 1: connect with the JOHAN Smart Suitcase

When all players have grabbed their sensor and clicked it on their belts/ GPS vests, you take your iPad, tablet, or mobile phone and the JOHAN Smart Suitcase to the field. Once on the field, you connect your iPad, tablet, or mobile phone to the smart suitcase with just one click in the JOHAN LIVE App. This way, you will receive all information from the 20 players in the LIVE App. Do you only want to monitor a maximum of 7 players during a LIVE event? In that case, you don’t even have to take the smart suitcase to the field. You can make a direct connection between the 7 GPS sensors and your iPad, tablet, or mobile phone!

GPS suitcase JOHAN

JOHAN GPS smart suitcase

Step 2: Select your parameters

When the LIVE event has started, all statistics from the players can be monitored in the JOHAN LIVE Tracking App. You can choose which five parameters you wish to monitor. Total distance, sprint distance, (high) accelerations, or multiple heart rate variables: it is up to you to decide which five variables give you the most important information to reach the required training intensity.

Step 3: Uploading to the JOHAN Analysis Platform

When the training ends, you save the event in the LIVE App and the players place their JOHAN V5 GPS sports tracker back in the JOHAN Smart Suitcase. With one push on the upload-button, all data will be uploaded to the Online JOHAN Analysis Platform where you can perform further analyses.

Do you want to improve the quality of your sessions?

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