New managing director for JOHAN Sports


As of November the 1st, Niels van der Linden has started in the position of managing director of JOHAN Sports. He succeeds Ralph van Baasbank, who left Demcon last summer.

Niels has been involved with JOHAN Sports almost since the start of the company in 2014. As a sports scientist, he is able to add value to the data collected by the sensors. This can help sports team coaches interpret the data so injuries can be prevented and bring the athlete’s performance to a higher level. Within Johan Sports, Niels has held several positions including account manager, head of sports science, and project manager, and has played a major role in the development of new features in the V5 project. From now on his focus will be on successfully marketing the JOHAN V5.

Niels: “I am looking forward to the future of JOHAN together with the DEMCON technology group. I am also very excited about our V5 system at the moment. The data results are excellent, especially the combination of accurate GPS data and reliable heart rate data,  so a big shout-out to the DEMCON development team. They have done a wonderful job. Now it is our challenge to promote the JOHAN V5 on a larger scale throughout the world, but we will mostly let this high-tech solution speak for itself”

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