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Analyze performance

Do you want to know the details of your session? Quickly analyze the results of your players within the simple online dashboard of JOHAN. Check the intensity of exercises, compare the training load of conditional sessions with your match performance or benchmark on specific player position(s).


Reduce injuries

Reducing the risk of injuries is a key factor for every sports team. With JOHAN coaches get insights into the physical profile per player. The JOHAN platform generates automated injury risk detections (A/C Ratio, Monotony and RPE) based on individual player data.

Software modules

1. Analyze sessions

Easily check the results of your sessions (training or match) and analyze specific exercises to get insights into the intensity and differences between exercises.


2. Compare results

Check if your conditional session reaches the match performance or simply monitor your match performance over time.


3. Training advice

This module guides coaches to check the readiness of players for matches and/or training sessions (A/C Ratio, Monotony and RPE variations). Based on the individual fitness profile you receive specific training suggestions.


4. Cycle overview

Do you follow a specific periodization schedule? Use the cycle view to monitor your training program and compare your training cycle with your periodization schedule.


5. Export & Reports

Export your match- or training data to excel, csv, pdf or xml. With user-friendly match- and training reports you can inform the coaching staff about the progress of the team and individual players.


6. Heatmaps

Check if your players followed the pre-match instructions within the tactical heatmaps module. Provide feedback to players and help them to be prepared for the next match.


How does it work?

Do you want to know how the JOHAN system works? Get in touch and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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