JOHAN Sports Niels van der Linden - Filipe Clemente partnership

Filipe Clemente

During the summer of 2016, JOHAN Sports visited Portugal to find new partnerships. We met a young enthusiastic sports scientist by the name of Filipe Clemente and created a fruitful collaboration to validate the JOHAN GPS system.

Nowadays, Filipe is a well-known sports scientist and researcher and published multiple research papers. Mostly related to football. Below you will find an overview of some of his JOHAN research papers. If you’re interested to receive these papers by email, just send us a message!

Validity Reliability JOHAN GPS Tracking

Validation & Reliability

Validity and reliability are the foundation of JOHAN Sports technology. The JOHAN 10 Hz GPS Tracker has been proved valid and reliable to use in sports. Several tests and studies showed an accuracy of 95% compared with Local Positioning Systems (LPS). The JOHAN system is validated and therefore reliable to use within sports.

Interested to see how these tests look like? Get the JOHAN validation research here!

How does the system work?

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