Using the JOHAN GPS sports tracker for monitoring individual sessions


Now that the first big storm of the corona crisis seems to be over, sports teams can start to think about how to recommence training sessions. In some countries, teams are allowed to organize team training sessions, others are only allowed to train in small groups (while keeping 1,5 meters distance), and some can still only train individually. Even though the latter group cannot perform group training sessions, this does not mean trainers/coaches cannot monitor players during their individual sessions. In a previous blog, we highlighted how the JOHAN Team Performance App helps to monitor the players in these circumstances. But, it is also possible to monitor these individual sessions with the JOHAN GPS sports trackers. Therefore, in this blog, we will explain how you can use the JOHAN GPS sports tracker and the analysis platform for monitoring individual training sessions.

How to upload individual training sessions with the JOHAN GPS sports tracker?

Even though the JOHAN GPS system is developed for team sports, players can also use the trackers on an individual basis. Before players can start using the trackers themselves, a few easy things need to be checked

  1. Check the profile setting of the players in the Online JOHAN Platform
  2. Check whether players have a laptop/computer and a USB cable (a Mini USB to USB cable; see picture 1).
  3. Check whether all players have downloaded the sync app, and know-how to upload the data to the JOHAN Online Platform.
USB Cable JOHAN GPS Sports tracker

Figure 1: Single USB Cable JOHAN GPS Sports tracker

Player permissions in the JOHAN analysis platform

For players to start uploading their own measurements, it is important you give them permission to do so. For this, access their player profiles (under ‘Manage Accounts’) in the Online JOHAN Platform. Within the player profile, select ‘Player Permissions’ tab and check the box to upload his/her own measurements and save these settings (see picture 2).

JOHAN GPS Sports tracker uploading

Figure 2: JOHAN GPS Sports tracker giving player permissions

Connect the JOHAN GPS sports tracker to your laptop

After adjusting the account settings, players are able to upload their own measurements to the JOHAN Online Platform. For this, they need to connect the JOHAN GPS sports tracker to the computer via a USB cable. Then the players can upload their measurements to the JOHAN Online platform by using the JOHAN Sync App. When they upload their measurements for the first time, it might be good to explain how this process works. But after that, they can upload the measurement files to the Online Platform on their own! After the players have uploaded their measurements, it’s up to you to process them (i.e. create events) and do your analysis!


If you have any other questions on how you can monitor the players individually, please contact your JOHAN account manager or JOHAN Support via!

TIP: By connecting the tracker to the computer via a USB cable, the tracker will also charge. Advice the players to charge the battery after every session (for 20-30 minutes) to make sure they don’t run out of battery during the next session.

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